kemet statement on "africa day"

Cairo - Egypt | Tuesday, May 25, 2021:

Dear brothers and sisters

Today, the 25th of May we are celebrating Africa day. This   day 58 years ago the Organization of the African Union was born which later became the African Union.

On this " Africa Day" we always like to remember and pay   tribute to our visionary founding fathers who had an   understanding of the great potentials of African solidarity. With vision, ambition and dedication they set out to establish the first basis for cooperation, economic integration and unity. 

This was not an easy task. By overcoming many obstacles,
we learnt that a United Africa can unleash great potentials, create opportunities and overcome the greatest of challenges.

The theme of African Union this year is that of "Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for building the Africa we want" an inspirational theme with a lot of potentials to assemble, and to innovate.  Although the continent is still grappling with the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which has imposed heavy human, financial, and economic costs in Africa, the Creative and Cultural industries in Africa are playing a key role in the efforts towards prevention and combating the spread of Covid-19. We have learnt that problems are better solved through cooperation. That no country is immune and that some problems have no boundaries.

Together we need to re-examine the continent's socio-economic condition, promoting equality, inclusion and social cohesion to reverse Covid 19 negative impact on our ability to meet the aspiration of the African Union's Agenda of a peaceful, united and prosperous continent.

 We at Kemet Boutros Ghali foundation for peace and knowledge, established by the friends and colleagues of the late Secretary General of the United Nations, are certain like the eminent Boutros Ghali expressed many times in his written and oral discourse that the resilience of the African people can overcome any serious obstacle. That the collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and resources provides many options for the future. 

 Today's challenges should not weaken our resolve. We must move ahead with ambitious steps, the establishment of "the African continental Free Trade Area", and the realization of ambitious infrastructure that would link the continent further such as the Cape Cairo high way. These are only examples of the possibilities we can achieve

Finally, and more importantly we need to succeed in making every citizen in our continent realizes that he or she have a stake in the success and the prosperity of the Union.

I thank you


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