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reflections from the world economic forum

02 June 2022

Participants at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week would ... Read More

a new middle east

14 April 2022

For a long time in the Arab world, “Middle East” was a dark, ... Read More

egypt in a changing world order

14 April 2022

Speculation abounds about the post-Ukraine world order, with ... Read More

liberalism and the war

07 April 2022

Commentators have discussed many possible causes for the war in ... Read More

sustainability, science, and money

07 April 2022

Science, as embodied in the theorists, researchers, and other ... Read More

a century of diplomacy

18 March 2022

The basic principles governing Egyptian foreign policy over the ... Read More

liberalism across the atlantic

17 March 2022

“Leftist infantilism” and “revolutionary infantilism” are ... Read More

34 short and feature films from over 30 countries to participate ...

24 February 2022

Twelve feature and 22 short films will participate in their ... Read More

egypt’s african identity

24 February 2022

Egypt’s affiliation with its African surroundings goes beyond ... Read More

after ukraine

24 February 2022

As I write this, there are signs of a breakthrough or ease-up in ... Read More