launching a research chair in the name of boutros ghali at the faculty of politics and economics at cairo university

08 December 2022

The Faculty of Economics and Political Science of Cairo University launched its first research chairs in the name of Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, in international law and African studies, in collaboration with the Kemet Boutros-Ghali Foundation for Peace and Knowledge.

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Saeed stated that the University Council approved the memorandum it submitted four years ago to establish research chairs bearing the names of its pioneer professors. This initiative constitutes a just tribute and appreciation to the professors who established the scientific and administrative foundations still guiding today's education. He added that this celebration coincides with the centennial anniversary of Boutros Ghali's birth, which was celebrated today by launching this research chair. He also rejoiced at the upcoming events organized by the Department of Political Science to honor his memory.  

For his part, Mr. Mamdouh Abbas, President of the Kemet Boutros-Ghali Peace and Knowledge Foundation, said that the launch of this research chair embodies the role the university is keen to play in commemorating the memory of its founding professors.

He noted the launch of three other research chairs in the name of scientific and academic eminent personalities who played a significant role in the academic field and supported Egyptian research in various institutions. The three chairs will be honoring Zaki Shafei, founder and first dean of the university, Abdul Malik Odeh, professor of political science and former dean of the university, and Hana Khiraldin, professor of economics and former dean of Economics of the University. They all played an essential role in laying the foundations of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, making it one of the most prominent faculties in political and social science in Egypt and the entire region.