Dr / Mourad Wahba

Member of the Board of advisory

Name: Mourad Wahba
Date of Birth: 13/ 10/ 1926
Place of Birth: Assiout/ Egypt
Occupation: Prof. Emeritus of Philosophy, Faculty of Education. Ein Shams University

- Le Systeme de Kant, 1970
- The System in Bergson’s Philosophy, 1960
- History of Philosophy, 1966
- Philosophical and Political Essays, 1973
- Philosophical Dialogues in Moscow 1974
- Introduction to Enlightenment, 1994
- Philosophy in Conferences, 1994
- Future of Ethics, 1994
- Philosophy of Creativity, 1995
- Fundamentalism & Secularization, 1995
- Dictionary of Philosophy, 1997
- Editor of 20 International Conference Proceedings on Philosophy and Social Sciences

Biographical Listing
- Who’s Who of Intellectuals
- Dictionary of International Biography
- Man of Achievement
- Book of Honour
- International Directory of Distinguished Leaders
- 500 Personalities of the World
- Most Admired Men and Women of the Year

Member and Associations
- Former Chairman of the Eastern Section of Euro-Arab Social Group ( EASRG)
- Founder and Honorary President of Afro-Asian Philosophy Association ( AAPA)
- Member of the Steering Committee of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP)
- Member of the Steering Committee of the International Association for Scientific Exchange on Violence and Human Coexistence
- President of the International Association on Averroes and Englightenment
- Member of the Academy of Humanism
- Member of the Scientific Board of the World University of Islamic Sciences
- Member of International Committee of International Philosophers for the Prevention of Nuclear Omnicide ( IPPNO)