Dr. / Noha Bakr

Member of the Board of advisory

Noha Bakr PhD in inter disciplinary field of International Relations, and International Organizations. She has received a Distinguished Alumni award from the American University in Cairo & National Defense University of Washington.

Dr Bakr current position is a Professor Adjunct Faculty, Political Science Department the American University in Cairo teaching International Organizations & Human Rights & Gender issues.

She is the former, Assistant to the Minister of International Cooperation, in charge of international economic cooperation with Canada and the Americas.

She has also a wide experience with multinationals being the Executive Director of the Cement Association at the Federation of the Egyptian Industries, & the Communications & Corporate Affairs Director of Lafarge Egypt. On the Academic side, her publications are focused in the field of security, and international organizations, to be found on

Dr Bakr has headed different Panels, as a speaker & participant in conferences, workshops, and programs, on the national, regional, and international level, lectured in various academic platforms such as NATO Defense College, International Institute of Humanitarian Law in San Remo, Moscow University, Perm University, Diplomatic Institute at Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and at Cairo University, among other security institutions.

Dr Bakr has worked as a consultant to UNDP regional office & the African Union.

Dr Bakr has been a contributor of a weekly article in Ahram Iktisady publication for two years, Contributor to Beyond periodical which is issued by former United Nations employees. She is also A Member of the Advisory Board of the Egyptian Center of Strategic Studies, A Member of the Advisory Board of KEMET Botros Ghali Foundation A Member of the Advisory Board of the Arab Net Work for Tolerance, A member of the Egyptian Council of Foreign Affairs, Member of the Egyptian International Economic Forum, and a guest in different media programs: providing analysis to current events, and hard and soft security challenges.