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time for ‘diplomatic niceties’ is over if world is to be ...

29 October 2021

Writing in The Independent, Antonio Guterres said the time for ... Read More

the culture of dialogue

28 October 2021

he passing of Hassan Hanafi a few days ago signalled the end of ... Read More

keeping up with developments in us-china relations.

16 October 2021

Over the last two weeks, developments in the Pacific and Indian ... Read More

the us again.

10 October 2021

Many questions surrounding fateful issues in the US remain ... Read More

egypt vision 2030

29 September 2021

By 2030, Egypt will witness a comprehensive renaissance, ... Read More

egypt development report

29 September 2021

Egypt’s Human Development Report 2021 - Development, a right ... Read More

our common agenda

13 September 2021

We are at an inflection point in history. In our biggest shared ... Read More